Bella Bells headshot

Bella Bells


I’m Bella, and I hail from California! My life started in a box in a city park with my supersized brother (I heard he’s a whooping 160 pounds!). I was rescued by my mother, Katherine. Psst, she’s the best mother evaaa! People call me Bella Bells because I always have bells on my collar during Christmas time, and I’m belly-ish! I like to prance around and say hiii to everyone!

Now after years of experience, I currently have the title of “Deputy of Greetings & Cuddles”! My job is to make sure that everyone who comes to our office is greeted, licked, and cuddled!! I’ve worked in several different sectors, therapy, education, interpreting, travel, marketing, and business development. Now I’m working hard by laying in the sun rays that shine through our office window, chewing on toys (the bacon nylabone is my FAVVVV!), and greeting people! I beg my mom to take me out on walks and then bark and become scaredy cat when I see other dogs, I’m still working on my peers-introducing skills, gosh it’s so hard! I also LOVE car rides, but please close them windows, it’s wayy too noisy and rough!

I love sunset walks with my brother Zadok and our mothers, I desire for more chew toys and peace for all.