Brianna Keogh

Marketing Manager

Hey, you! I’m Brianna.
Who am I?! Well, I’m your Marketing Manager right here at dozanü innovations, and I can’t wait to help YOU make your dreams a reality!

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re all snuggled up with a book in a lil nook on a rainy day? That’s how I feel in my office, working on a wide range of projects with my rockstar team; I’m right at home doing what I love. Ever since I was a little freckled Southern Californian with my nose in books, I’ve been a dreamer at heart and an avid language lover. You’ll often find me in a daze exploring all American Sign Language and English are capable of, just for the fun of it! I’m also blogging in my free time on my website,, or pet-sitting bundles of fur and delight (absolutely cannot wait to get a pet of my own very soon). My background and skillset lie in psychology/research, digital media, project management, accessibility, and writing — and that ties to my passions in providing access, telling stories, creating connections, living with a growth mindset, and being a part of meaningful change. After graduating from Gallaudet University with Honors in 2019, I’ve been invested in exploring all kinds of professional and personal opportunities from A to Z. Now, as a devoted dozanü team member, I’m elated that this job allows me to shine at all the things I love doing AND to continue to explore, learn, and strengthen all kinds of new skills!

What gives me joy?! Well, loads and loadsss of pasta! Conversations or content that make me feel as if I’m teleporting elsewhere... Oh, and my Passion Planner, you’ll never find me without it! And all things nature; splashing in bodies of water & basking in sunlight. New places and ideas to explore and cherish. Sparks of impromptu firefly energy that entice me to create all kinds of beautiful art. Sweet solitude, and valuable time with friends/family. Deep breaths, taking care of my body and mind, and moments of simplicity - and complexity, all at once.

Here’s to transformation, meaningful change, and leaping bounds to rise above and be the best we can be. With patience, passion, purpose, and hard work and action, along with compassion, we can do anything we set our mind to. We will discover new layers of possibilities and life experiences beyond what we thought was possible. Do you want to actually make things happen rather than just talking about it? Are you ready to bring your spark of inspiration to a roaring flame that’ll light the way toward success? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! Because I’ll tell you right now, I believe we’re each made of magic - we just need to believe, and we just need the right team to make the dream happen.

We’re right here and ready to chat when you are.