Katherine Lees

co-founder & co-owner
Chief of business development & operations

The name is Katherine, I usually save quotes for the end, but hey! Let’s start with it, “I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life!”  (It’s true, I have a wonderful partner and two fabulous dogs, how much better can my life be!?) Well, jeez…now you’re curious…why extraordinary?

I am a born and raised Southern Californian but take pride in having been a Midwesterner, a New Englander and now Bi-Costal-ian, I reside/work in the DC metro area and back at my stomping grounds in Los Angeles, CA. I LOVE traveling and am a consummate traveler, having visited 35 (and counting) states from Alaska to Florida and Hawaii to Maine as a part of my travels along with having been to approximately 19 beautiful countries and I am still not satisfied! The cultural aspect of each destination inspires me and has allowed me to have a true appreciation of our precious world’s diversity. Stay tuned for my next adventure, maybe I’ll be in your town. Let’s meet up for a coffee and talk about your burning ideas!

I have been humbled and honored to have the opportunity to fulfill some of my greatest dreams. First, to be a public speaker, motivating others by providing complete communication access to all.  And second, the most important life lesson, to succeed in a supportive atmosphere where personal growth and accessibility is fostered from within the organization. Now onto the third and beyond dream becoming serial entrepreneur setting up and managing companies that are customer/client focused AND committed to Social Responsibility.

Whether surfing, playing softball, quarterbacking a football game or riding my bike, I am always ready for a new adventure, let’s embark on one together! Let’s change the standard of business ownership and entrepreneurship!

I desire more socially responsible companies that foster organic and authentic growth internally and externally….and world peace.