Michelle Lapides

co-founder & co-owner
Chief of Marketing & Branding

Hello there! The name is Michelle Lapides and I specialize in marketing & branding. Branding is what makes people fall in love with you, your idea(s), your business and marketing is what gets it out there. I could talk about marketing 24/7.

An avid coffee drinker, fueled by ideas, my passion of marketing and branding was fueled organically by my exposure to the family business. As my skill sets have been polished throughout the years of experimenting with various creative projects, from filming and editing promo videos to building websites, I am naturally drawn to the beauty of implementing the art of branding from ground to up.

I have a background in Communication Studies and Digital Media, and continue to be inspired by our diverse Deaf Community and our ever growing #DeafEcoSystem movement. I have this never ending fascination with the power of Social Media. I am creative, an entrepreneur, an optimist, and a modern woman looking to take on the world one challenge at a time. In addition to my deep appreciation of pizza, I am a sun chaser, lives for driving with windows down, and a dog-cuddler. The “magical” golden hour is the best time of day.

I think Social Media is super awesome, find me experimenting new things at @justforlunch