Rachel McConnell

Marketing Operations Manager

Hey, I’m Rach! As an early digital native I grew up with a keyboard in my hands, so I’ve always been fascinated by how one message can transcend multiple channels. I grew up bilingual with a lifelong background in communications that led to a Masters degree in Media, Culture, and Communications from New York University.

My career has built blocks of marketing, business development, operations, and communications – all to enable my lifelong goal of access to information for my community, the Deaf community. Words flow across languages in ways that combine the visual dance of American Sign Language with the complex intricacies of English. Every day I marvel at and appreciate the true diversity of our community – and make it my life’s work to market it.

Otherwise, when I’m not formulating operations strategies and designing systems, I spend time with my two children traveling, cooking, or swimming.  Life’s fascinations take me from one corner of the world to another, and traveling is truly at the heart of my passions. I love connections with people and the world around me, but am equally at peace alone in the mountains.

I call Maryland home… most of the time. You will always find me reading something just before my eyes close at night. Oh, and you’ll never beat me at Scrabble.

Find me on social media at @suchalovelyred.