Zadok Freckles headshot

Zadok Freckles


Yo, I’m Zadok, you can call me Mr. Z. I’m the “Deputy of Security and Master Vacuum- er” here at dozanü innovations. I’m Zadok Freckles because my mother says I have the most adorable freckles ever on my belly, ugh whatever. (but don’t tell my mother to stop, I LOVE when she says I’m sooooo cute and hugs me!)

Hey now, let’s get to business, I started my life going through multiple fosters until I was taken into jail, yeah no not jail, prison…I was inmate #01308423. I parktaked in a training program because people had hard time training me, simply because I was deaf. Yo, I ain’t dumb, just deaf, anyhow, when I graduated from the prison training program, I was adopted by Michelle, my mother, oh gosh I love her so much.

So much that’s why I’m Deputy of Security, I keep my mom; well no, the dozanü innovations’ office safe from intruders and clean from crumbs by vacuuming! I’ve worked in many different companies and industries, like prison, hustling in design and creative, telecommunication in federal, and consumer faced telecommunication. Now I’m working hard by telling people they better not get close to me, but then regret that decision because I want to be petted…I only eat the highest and finest dog food, I’m on a pretty stellar diet (don’t tell me sister, she just thinks I get different food because I’m older).

I also like to steal the sunniest spot of our office from Bella, haha!  I love and strive for the ultimate invention where I can go on car rides on my own time, but still be with my mom in her office! I LOVE sleeping on my throne, and still have one paw on my sister, she thinks I do it just because I love her, but in all honesty, she’s my interpreter! 

I desire for more foods to be dropped on the floor and for more uninterrupted tanning time.