What Are We?

We are here to make people fall in love with your ideas, make people compelled and excited to use your services & make people have the desire to buy your products.

All of this can & will be achieved through dozanü innovations services:







When it’s digital, it’s much more instant than traditional mediums! Is it teleporting to the future!? Nope! It’s the magical internet with digital platforms and the intuitive analysis of you, your customers and screen visitors. The internet can introduce or reintroduce your product, enhance the consumer's experience and introduce new innovative technologies and products.

Ultimate Digital Marketing services offers creative, strategic and technical development, redevelopment, and design of screen-based usage, we do it all!

dozanü innovations provides reporting and analytical perspective layered with strategic campaigns allowing businesses, organizations, or brands to monitor instantly in real-time how our collaborative efforts are performing.

What/which information is being viewed
How frequently
For how long
Response rates
Visits & purchases made and from which medium/platform.

Our digital marketing services provide tools for businesses, organizations, and/or brands to market their idea, service, and/or product online 24/7 in conjunction with social media.

Our experts in social media allows for brands to initiate and maintain interactions with their customers and visitors providing an avenue to receive positive and improvement feedback for better and revamped ideas, services, and/or products!

Our advertising branch of genius digital marketers have their fingers on every pulse of the internet and how your business, organization, and/or brand is interacting with browsers/search engines robots AND real, solid, humans who already are or who will be your potential customers.


ux design
search engine
market research
& analytics
email marketing

Creative Marketing:

You may know this saying “Content is King”, hey now, it’s Queen too, even prince, or princess, hell the whole royal family! You as the business, organization, and/or brand are the royalty, we believe that you deserve Royal treatment! Not just you, but your customers, visitors, users, and more…this is why we are the leader in Creatives!

Creating and Optimizing:
Engaging content
Effective content
Visual content
Inclusive content for all.

Now, what is content!?

We focus on design for your overall brand…your entire brand needs to be on top of the game! We develop your brand with a holistic approach, from your vision to online presence with a smashing and good-looking website. With excellent UX/UI analysis and execution, dozanü innovations creates convincing marketing strategies to bring your brand awareness and that in turn promotes and increases sales. We combine strategy, design, marketing, and digital services to create content that is Royal! This will satisfy your customers and visitors while enhancing your entire business, organization, and/or brand.

Let’s walk down that red carpet together hand in hand! We will take care of your needs from start to finish!


graphic design
web development
& design
packaging design


Our top-notch Social Media marketing & management services saves your business, organization, and/or brand more time and generates more favorable results! We know exactly how to optimize your social media platforms to satisfy your overall marketing & sales objectives. Every business wants more website traffic from social media advertising and marketing. We ensure our efforts are snazzy AND inclusive for people of all types, backgrounds, and identities! Our team does all the planning, design, production, and placement of your business, organization, and/or brand!

Our approach is keeping things traditional mixed in with current technology and the advancement of public relations strategies, communication strategies, and promotions as an engaging vehicle for your customers & visitors.

We excel in Social Media management, by assuming the task planning, engagement and publishing schedule for postings, publishing, content curation & creation. These strategies focus on finding relevant industry content for you to comment on, curate new or similar content, promoting a specific concept in your industry, optimizing a headline for a post, create supporting visual assets, brainstorming on fresh content which includes topics/themes, and gathering industry-specific activities and statistics.

Ultimately we want to make the impressions of your business, organization, and/or brand increase tenfold! Let’s get it done!

Social Advertising which is blended in with our digital marketing service provides paid advertising services on social media. This is a whole different beast than only digitized marketing on different screens/browsers/programs. Social advertising demonstrates the strong demand for consistent and measurable reporting of optimization and engagement. Social advertising is when you spend money in addition to your marketing budget to reach more people by the fine-tuning of your creative efforts to assure the correct targeting, content, and message! When we achieve that, your costs are always reasonable, we keep your costs low and reasonable by making sure we conceptualize & create campaigns, that are scaled appropriately. We also define the audiences we want to reach, test different options, and optimize tracking the conversions traction and click rates.

We’re not all about just increasing brand awareness and website traffic, we are also Growth Hackers! We will maintain growth with our Social Media Management and Social Advertising, but it’s all about growing your social media accounts across all platforms. What does growth really mean though!? With our Growth Hacking services, we provide activities and content that grows your account to become the industry leader in quality information and engagement. We understand the strategy of strengthen your profile/account in a way that you retain your authenticity and welcome new visitors and contributors that creates a more inclusive and accessible world for businesses, organizations, and brands.


social media
social media
strategy &
social media
content curation
& generation
pr strategies
media & press
media marketing


In order to create marketing that sticks, it’s the epitome of strategic campaigning, take your vision and combined with our expertise to build effective brand strategy, giving added value to your business, organization, and/or brand! We want to make sure that you communicate with your audience that you have unique characteristics, and they should be your customers.

This service leverages hyper-targeting of a niche audience targeting a specific actionable result that your business, organization, and/or brand wants to see. Our strategic campaigning offers the opportunity to create a story which is your core, that speaks to all medias making your idea, service, and/or product easy to share your audience network. Our goal is to create and inspire interaction promoting a more authentic, inclusion focused, an accessible community within your industry! We are always willing to challenge the traditional methods, it’s the future now. Let’s get your business, organization, and/or brand ready for the future!


online campaign
data collection
& research
lead for project
strategy &


Business Development is about the ultimate goal of creating opportunities. There’s a lot that goes into building relationships that gives you opportunities combining all the interactions from your business, organization, and/or brand’s infrastructure, software, and forming & retaining relationships joining together as a force to grow!

We focus on the long-term value of your business, organization, and/or brand to ensure that it’s a solid journey!

Your infrastructure says a lot about the model that you are trying to achieve, let’s make it one that brings you growth and your customers value. There are thousands of software options available, but which one makes the most sense for your workflow, your goals, and your customer’s goals? Which one will save you time and make you more money!?

Our belief in creating and maintaining relationship is so strong that our philosophy is that you should build solid and everlasting relationships with potential opportunities that will stay with you for the long-term. Always having that relationship to refer to, to lean back on, to grow with!


business goals
& forecasting
sales &
sales cycles
& workflow



Want to have your events stress free and attract interest of your fans?

You will love the value for your events and want to schedule them regularly.


Want to be a DIY’er?
We get it!

We can ‘up’ your game with professional consultation and/or training.


Business Thinking? Design Thinking? Do-er Thinking? Let’s huddle!

Huddle to mingle, immerse, and create new ideas, service, and/or product. It doesn’t stop there, let’s also enrich our personal, professional, and play lives together!


Conferences? Business Trip Flights, Hotels, Car? Whoa, Breathe…

We can’t quite teleport you, just yet… Let us book your travels, sit back and relax, maybe we can even get you a seat WITH champagne!
(leisure and group travel is available)