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“Within the span of a few weeks, Katherine & Michelle (dozanü) helped me pull together a "pop-up" celebration for New Year's Eve 2017 where we showcased our concept teaser for MATHER, a sci-fi fantasy short film, for the very first time. We exceeded expectations and drew a healthy crowd. I was in awe at the effectiveness of the space they helped me find AND our partygoers walked away feeling like they'd gone to a top-notch event. dozanü's support and enthusiasm was unwavering throughout the process, and I would happily work with them again."

-Chase Burton, Burtonmotion Pictures, LLC.

“Having dozanü innovations on my team for the book campaign project was a blessing! Michelle and Katherine were able to capture my vision of the project, and they delivered beyond my expectation with their creativities, professionalism and brought best out of my company within the brand of the image! I hired them again for other projects and will do again and again! I highly recommend to hire them, and they will be with you on every step to succeed the visions and best results! Not only that, what I like about them, they will show me what their agendas, the timeline is and what I need to do next which put me at ease and that's a big bonus! To run a business is tough but to work with them made more fun!”

-Sofia Seitchik, Global Deaf Women

"Wow! I think Katherine and Michelle were more excited about my business than me! dozanü innovations did a gorgeous job on my branding and labels. I am constantly getting compliments. During the process I was often changing my mind and indecisive but they were always patient with me. They went above and beyond until I was satisfied. I really can't say enough positive things about the work from Katherine and Michelle!!"

-Liz Barrett, Barett’s Garden

"When I contacted dozanu, I explained the need to stay connected with my community while sharing my studies as a full time graduate student through various social media platforms, but I wasn't sure how. They took the time to feel my passion and utilize their innovations to make this possible in ways that I could not have imagined. I am not tech savvy but they took the time to train me on how to utilize various platforms for specific reasons and now I am comfortable maintaining my website. The result of their work and my content has proven to be beneficial because my community is in love with what I am doing, inspiring others to do the same. dozanü innovations is not the kind of team to just meet expectations, they go beyond that. MIL GRACIAS dozanü!"

-Socorro Garcia, SocorroXGarcia

"Working with dozanü innovations was absolutely a pleasure for two reasons: 1) the quality of their work was just WOW- extremely well made and exceeded our very specific vision for the design, and 2) Michelle was very easy to work with and an excellent communicator. It is for those reasons that the National Deaf Education Conference committee will always value working with them."

-Tawny Holmes, National Deaf Education Conference

"dozanü goes beyond and above! They are fun, caring and amazing people to work with! dozanü truly know their stuff! Katherine and Michelle care about our business' success because it is their success too! We look forward to a long term business relationship with them!"

~Rajarajeshwari, Deafhood Yoga

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